How does Senior Patient Advocates Help our Clients?


At Senior Patient Advocates (SPA), we work with a diverse group of clients, whose needs vary widely based on their personal circumstances. Our goal is to truly help seniors, the disabled, and those trying to assist them – access, understand, and navigate the healthcare system.

As patient advocates, we help patients and families find options and solutions that are specific to their own unique and individualized situations.  We understand that getting around our healthcare system today can feel confusing and overwhelming, intimidating and impersonal.  Our services are personalized, customized, and individualized.

Here are just a few examples of situations in which we’ve assisted our clients:

1. During a healthcare crisis or difficult transition when a change in health or lifestyle is required. In situations like these, we meet patient clients in the hospital, nursing home, assisted living, or in their home; we work with families who may be caring for a loved one long-distance or if they live in the same town; we’ll help strategize next step transitions, review insurance coverage including Medicare prescription coverage, and long-term care policies.

2. Work with patients and their providers to ensure positive and desired outcomes will result. We often accompany clients to their medical appointments. This allows us to help patients ask and get answers to their questions and bridge communication gaps between patients, their families, and healthcare providers. By providing this assistance, we ensure continuity of care when multiple providers are involved.

3. Understand health insurance coverage, benefits, and costs. Here at Senior Patient Advocates, we specialize in Medicare and related coverage such as Part D prescription, Medigap supplements, retiree, or group health, long-term care policies and more. We’ll provide an audit of medical and/or medication bills to ensure coverage benefits are realized and we’ll help to file claims or fight denied claims and prepare for Medicaid or other financial assistance.

We’ve developed a unique ability to merge the services we offer as patient advocates with our insurance consulting expertise.  We know how important it is to help patients understand their health insurance coverage, maximize benefits at the lowest cost, and prepare for unexpected health events that can change lives forever.

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