Q: What is Fall Open Enrollment for Medicare?

A: Open Enrollment is the time of year you can review, change, or join a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. During this period, you can also join a Medicare Advantage Plan with or without prescription drug coverage. You may also be able to switch from a Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare and choose a stand alone Part D prescription plan between October 15th thru December 7th.


Q: When is Fall Open Enrollment?

A: October 15-December 7. New plan coverage starts January 1st.


Q: When will information about next year’s plans available?

A: Accurate information is generally available October 1st.


Q: Why is Fall Open Enrollment important?

A: In most cases, Open Enrollment is the only time you can change your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan. If you miss this window and don’t have extenuating circumstances, you will be locked into your current plan until next year’s Open Enrollment period. If you have a Part D prescription plan this year plans, coverage, and costs can change for the new year. This is the only time most beneficiaries can change to new coverage to save money.


Q: What does it cost to meet with you, review my existing plan and determine if there are better options?

A: A flat fee for up to one hour of time ($165/hour) will pay for you to have your plan options reviewed and get enrollment help to change plans. Our insurance consultants are licensed and DO NOT sell insurance.


Q: On average, how much does a client save by reviewing  their plans annually during open enrollment?

On average SENIORx Patient Advocate clients have saved $1200-$1600 annually because they reviewed their plans and may have selected better coverage for a lower cost. Regardless, clients have piece of mind that they are in the right plan with coverage for their medications in the new year.


Q: I’m already enrolled and satisfied with my plan, should I still contact you for an Assessment?

A: Yes! It’s important to review your plan annually as your needs, medication list or the plans may change each year. There are 22 Part D prescription plans this year to choose from. It’s very likely that you can lower your costs by re-evaluating the plans available in the new plan year. Get the piece of mind you want by reviewing your options with a licensed insurance consultant. We DO NOT sell insurance!


Q: If I enroll during the Fall Open Enrollment, when will my coverage start?

A: New coverage starts January 1 of the new year.


Q: Are there other plans I can change during the Fall Open Enrollment?

A: Maybe, it depends. Some employer and retiree plans also have annual open enrollment periods in the fall. Marketplace/Health Exchange open enrollment also occurs in the fall, but generally does not effect Medicare beneficiaries. You will want to call SENIORx Patient Advocates for more information about your individual situation.


Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help. (LINK: http://www.seniorpatientadvocates.com/contact/)

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