How do patient advocates help families?


The healthcare world is often intimidating, time consuming, emotionally draining and difficult to understand. It’s even more stressful when a family member is attempting to assist and manage the complexities of health care for their loved one. In times of crisis, family members are often left in charge of managing care for a loved one and it becomes incredibly stressful when a patient’s care is complex and difficult to understand. Patient Advocates can provide much needed support to family members when it comes to these situations, especially to those who may not live in the same City as the patient, or those that cannot be available 24/7 to provide assistance when needed.


Patient Advocates can provide a wide range of assistance. They often help families in reviewing medical records and care plans to ensure nothing is being missed. They provide emotional support and coaching during a health crisis – ensuring the best decisions are being made for the patient. This type of support is essential especially if a family member cannot be with their loved one during a medical procedure or emergency. They provide stronger lines of communication within the medical system between providers, insurers, the patient and family members. Patient Advocates can also help families coordinate care and make necessary medical appointments. They can assist with paperwork, filing insurance documents and find the best care for a given diagnosis or needed treatment.


Patient Advocates can provide direct lines of communication between the medical care providers and the family. This is particularly important again if the family is not readily available. If there is a medical crisis, the advocate can provide support and collect pertinent information, ask questions and speak up on behalf of the patient and family to ensure the best care is being provided… especially if the patient is not of sound mind and body.


Patient Advocates can also help with prescription drug access, providing geriatric plans and help arrange long term care plans and transitioning from hospital to home, other facilities, or even hospice.


Senior Patient Advocates provides educated, skilled and experienced Patient Advocates for a wide range of situations. To receive more information about hiring an advocate for you or someone you care about, please contact Senior Patient Advocates at Senior Patient Advocates’ website, or call (307) 472-1770.

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