How do patient advocates help patients?


Doctor and hospital visits are often very stressful and patients are not taught how to advocate for themselves in medical situations. Patients are frequently rushed through the medical process and aren’t provided adequate time to ask necessary questions to fully understand their treatment plans. Patients are spending less and less time with their doctors and more time receiving medical tests.


The medical industry is now driven by pay for services which often encourages excessive procedures and treatment which then contributes to inflated prices. On top of that, medical appointments, procedures and bills are completely overwhelming. The medical industry is a layered system and is often very bureaucratic. It takes a lot of time and energy to reach the right person to get help regarding questions about health coverage, treatments, follow up care and more. Add on the need to find the right specialist for the type of care required for a given disease or illness and the time it takes to pick through the layers of paperwork… patients no longer have time to focus on their health.


This is where a patient advocate provide value. Patient advocates handle a wide range of duties. They save patients time, stress and money. They allow the patient to focus on their health and serve as a voice to campaign for them and their wellbeing. Patient advocates services may include: finding specialists for rare diseases; negotiating medical costs with medical care providers; fighting denied medical claims; pushing insurance companies to cover certain procedures and filing appeals. The can assist with prescription drug access; home health care plans; transitioning to rehab care or senior living facilities. They can also accompany patients to appointments and procedures; book appointments; research best practices; make necessary contacts and much more.


Senior Patient Advocates provides educated, skilled and experienced Patient Advocates for a wide range of situations. To receive more information about hiring an advocate for you or someone you care about, please contact Senior Patient Advocates at Senior Patient Advocates’ website, or call (307) 472-1770.

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