Get Back Control of Your Medications


Why do I Need the Help of a Patient Advocate/Insurance Consultant to Help Me Get My Medications?


…because insurance companies can control costs by restricting your access to medications.


It has become increasingly difficult for healthcare providers to prescribe the medications they choose for patients without insurance company interference. This is true whether you have employer, retiree, marketplace, or Medicare Part D health insurance for prescriptions.


Insurance company restrictions include prior authorizations, quantity limits, and step-therapy which limit your access to specific medications at the lower co-pay price.  This means your provider must generally prove a medical need for a more expensive medication before your insurance authorizes your ability to fill the prescription.  You may be unable to get a critical medication OR be required to pay full price until insurance restrictions are addressed and overcome.


SENIORx Patient Advocates will work with your provider and pharmacy to help you access important medications your healthcare provider has prescribed for you and to overcome insurance company restrictions.


So what’s in it for you, the patient and your provider?

  • Patients receive medications they and their doctor agree are best – not those “prescribed” by an insurance company
  • Patients have help from a licensed insurance consultant to help maximize eligible insurance benefits and lower costs.
  • Patients (and providers) overcome confusion, complications, and restrictions related to their prescription insurance coverage
  • Patients spend more time with their healthcare provider to address medical questions and concerns (instead of fighting with insurance companies)


Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help. http://www.seniorpatientadvocates.com/contact/

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