Senior Patient Advocates Offers Solutions for Human Resource Representatives


Nearly 10,000 baby boomers are heading into retirement a day (Investopedia, March 2017). Many organizations and businesses are feeling this impact, especially when it comes to retirement benefits including insurance coverage provided to their retirees. In addition, many employees are opting to work well beyond their 65th birthdays. Senior Patient Advocates (SPA) can assist human resource representatives and their departments especially as related to those employees and/or retirees who are eligible for Medicare.

Through a variety of services, Senior Patient Advocates can essentially become an extension of your health benefit team. SPA’s staff of licensed insurance consultants work closely with human resource departments to develop support systems and custom services to free up company time for other critical tasks and business driving initiatives. SPA’s consultants can help a client review health care coverages and claims; develop strategies and alternate options for coverage; and help prepare organizations for the annual enrollment period and Medicare.

When it comes to Medicare enrollment, there are very strict time lines with harsh penalties. These penalties can be very costly to the employer and employee. Many employers simply do not have the time or expertise to guide their organization, employees or retirees who become eligible for Medicare coverage due to age or disability. SPA will assist organizations in guiding their Medicare eligible employees and retirees through this process. In addition, no two clients are alike and SPA’s services are uniquely designed for each client. Each organization has different health care needs and regulations, especially when it comes to Medicare. SPA’s programs and services are thoughtfully designed and personalized to meet each organization’s needs.

Lastly, SPA works closely with human resource and benefits teams by providing valuable training programs which are completely customized for each organization. These can include presentations to staff, employees, and retirees. SPA acts as your contact to answer specific Medicare questions, assess or address complex claim issues and specific Medicare coverage needs and requirements. SPA’s team helps eliminate the frustration and confusion related to healthcare and Medicare that can often prevent employees from focusing on their job.

To learn more about how SPA may help your organization, please contact Senior Patient Advocates to learn more and to get started on a completely customized program. 307/472-1770.

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