Three Benefits a Patient Advocate Can Offer You


Senior Patient Advocates employs several registered, educated, licensed and experienced patient advocates. Their patient advocates help those on Medicare navigate and understand the healthcare system. They represent the needs of the patient—not those of a family member, healthcare provider, insurer, or other entity especially when the patient is ill, frightened, or vulnerable. To be clear, a patient advocate is not a case manager, patient navigator, insurance navigator, or geriatric case manager. The patient advocate provides a variety of benefits to the patient, family and providers. Here are three examples of the benefits:


    1. Medical Appointment Advocate & Partner – As experienced and knowledgeable patient advocates, we can help to better communicate diagnosis and treatment options between patient, family and provider as well as help articulate your short and long term needs and desires. Having an advocate that can attend appointments with you can help make you more comfortable and serve a secondary verification of information.
    2. Navigating & Understanding Health Insurance Especially Medicare – More and more insurance companies are interfering with the treatment and attempting to override providers’ prescription of medications providers. Prior authorizations, quantity limits, step-therapy, and mail order restrictions limit your access to specific medications providers are recommending. For many patients, this can become confusing and overwhelming. A patient advocate, that is a licensed insurance consultant, can help communicate benefits patients are entitled to. In addition to alleviating a great deal of frustration, this can save valuable time and money when dealing with providers and insurance companies.


  • Support & Relief During a Healthcare Crisis – A healthcare crisis presents a variety of challenges and emotions including anxiety and vulnerability. In addition to serving as representative and facilitator between the patient, family and providers, advocates can help successfully and easily transition a patient from one level of care to the next, address obstacles that arise during the patient’s treatment or care, and investigate options and apply for low income help including Medicaid. An advocate can provide additional support or serve in place of family in long distance situations.

For more information about Senior Patient Advocates or the benefits of utilizng a patient advocate, visit or call (307) 472-1770.

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