What We Do

Our specialties include patient advocacy, insurance consulting, prescription drug assistance, Medicare, new to Medicare.

Here are a few ways we help you navigate the healthcare maze:

  • We help you identify your options, develop a game plan and execute the plan.
  • We help you understand confusing health insurance benefits including Medicare so you aren’t paying too much, and are getting the most out of your benefits.
  • We help you investigate and apply for financial assistance.
  • We help you get the most out of your long-term care policy.
  • We go to medical appointments to help you make sense of the information and get your questions answered.
  • We help you adjust to a major change in health or lifestyle due to surgery, illness or a move.
  • We provide support for families living out of town or out of state.
  • We help you transition between a hospital stay through different levels of care.
  • We create better communication between you and your healthcare provider, your insurance company, and others involved your care.
  • We help you manage a healthcare crisis.

What is a patient advocate?

A patient advocate is a licensed professional who helps patients and families navigate the healthcare system by working with healthcare professionals and insurance companies to coordinate the best care possible at an affordable cost. We help you make sense of the confusing and frustrating maze of the healthcare system by:

  • Assisting with insurance forms, billing reviews and claims appeals
  • Making sure the patient understands medications and treatment options
  • Accompanying clients to doctor appointments and helping simplify the doctor’s instructions
  • Helping patients transition from a hospital to a home or other healthcare facility
  • Scheduling follow up appointments and tests
  • Researching and recommending treatment and care options
  • Providing unbiased care options because we aren’t paid by any facilities or insurance companies

The benefits of using a patient advocate:

  • We are a dedicated and educated set of eyes and ears.
  • We stay with patients through ALL transitions, between hospitals, skilled care, or adjusting to a major change due to surgery, illness or a move.
  • We help patients stay as independent as possible by coordinating all aspects of care.
  • We stand the gap for clients to ensure their wishes are heard and that they receive the care they deserve.
  • We often save clients money by understanding and using insurance benefits more effectively and accessing financial help or assistance.



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