Patient Advocacy

We offer local and long distance help to:

  • Transition after a hospital stay, illness, or change of lifestyle
  • Accompany patients to medical appointments
  • Provide oversight in homes, assisted living, long-term care facilities
  • Assist in critical medical settings (i.e. hospital, rehabilitation, etc.)

What is a patient advocate?

A patient advocate is one who represents the needs of the patient—not those of a family member, healthcare provider, insurer, or other entity especially when the patient is ill, frightened, or vulnerable.

A patient advocate is not a case manager, patient navigator (one who generally works for a medical provider, hospital, or specialty clinic and is paid by that entity to “navigate” patients through their systems), insurance navigator, or geriatric case manager (one who is paid by the insurance company to represent the interests of the insurer).

Can you help me with my aging parent or family member?

Yes. We are your eyes and ears locally to watch over your aging parent or family member. We coordinate services, help with difficult transitions, accompany a loved one to medical appointments, hold caregivers accountable for services delivered, watch for fraud or abuse, and many other services.

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