Who SPA Assists: Business & Senior Service Professionals

Closeup of senior business woman with colleagues in background

Cities, Municipalities and State Employers, CPAs, attorneys, Bank Trust Departments, and Universities/Colleges are just a few examples of businesses and professionals which SPA has assisted.

There are over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 years old every day and with that comes rising retiree health insurance costs. It becomes a significant challenge for municipalities and businesses to sustain unfunded retiree programs. SPA has assisted municipalities in researching and identifying cost drivers, savings and options that will help both pre and post retires transition to Medicare. Often, this assistance provides a cost savings to both the employer and employee.

In addition, SPA give the businesses the ability to offer healthcare advisor/patient advocate services that allow employees to continue to work while caring for an aging or sick family member. This reduces the amount of time an employee may be away from work and increases productivity by reducing stress.

For other senior service professionals like CPAs, Attorneys and similar, SPA will assist in streamlining their efforts to ensure benefit accuracy. In addition, SPA can help in areas such as insurance and healthcare advocacy which are typically outside the scope of work for these professionals.

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