Who SPA Assists: Healthcare Professionals & Pharmacists

Pharmacist talking to customer about prescription

Senior Patient Advocates (SPA) assists a wide variety of clients including Medicare recipients and their families, healthcare professionals, pharmacists and businesses. Through this series, “Who SPA Assists,” we will discuss who and how SPA assists each group.

SPA helps a variety of healthcare professionals including: physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, case managers, social workers, patient navigators, transition care nurses, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and more.

SPA prefers to be looked at as a partner in care for the clients. Through partnership, we assist healthcare professionals by freeing up their time to be able to provide direct care to their patient vs spending more time on paperwork, phone calls and processing insurance. We’ll streamline the communication process so health professionals can focus on health priorities.  SPA regularly attends appointments with the client and can act on behalf of an absent family member to ensure they understand the situation and care options. These services are free for physicians and other coverage options may exist for payment for other healthcare professionals.

For pharmacists, SPA will assist in finding solutions for coverage gaps with Medicare Part D co-pay constraints. We can find ways to lower costs through patient or financial assistance and obtain medication through the Wyoming Donation Program for patients in need. We’ll assist clients in researching the best options for prescription coverage and investigate less expensive coverage alternatives, saving pharmacists time by not having to research various options.

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