Who SPA Assists: Medicare Recipients & Families








Senior Patient Advocates (SPA) assists a wide variety of clients including Medicare recipients and their families, healthcare professionals, pharmacists and businesses. Through this series, “Who SPA Assists,” we will discuss who and how SPA assists each group.

Senior Patient Advocates begins each individual case with a general intake call or meeting which helps us  identify key concerns or issues and develop a plan on what the client may need assistance with. We serve as a communications specialist between providers, such as Medicare representatives and doctors, ensuring that clients fully understand their situation and ask the right questions. SPA will also assist with insurance claims, emergency health care situations and more. We’ll coordinate benefits from multiple coverage insurers including: Medicare, Medicaid, VA, supplements, employer, retiree, prescriptions, car/home insurance and more.  As licensed health insurance consultants, we will guide clients through insurance processes in helping them select the best products for their individual needs. Through this process, we will provide a cost/benefit analysis to quantify options for coverage decisions and ensure you are making the most price conscious decision.

Often with Medicare patients, health crisis management is needed. As patient advocates, SPA will help ensure successful transitions between hospitals to homes, facilities, various levels of care or hospice. We’ll stay with the patient through all aspects of their transition to ensure a continuity of care. SPA will also assist in developing healthcare plans and ensure that the patient’s voice, goals and wishes are recognized, shared and appreciated.

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