Who We Are

We are problem solvers.  We are communicators.  We are healthcare specialists.  We are crisis managers.  We are your eyes and ears.  But most of all…we care.


We help seniors, the disabled, and those trying to assist them, access, understand and navigate the complicated healthcare and insurance system. We also help families and healthcare professionals who may be involved in the care of our patient clients, especially when they are ill, frightened and vulnerable.

SENIORx Patient Advocates helps you identify and understand your options, coordinate your care in a truly patient-centered way, and develop a plan of action so you can make knowledgeable and informed healthcare decisions.

Years experience means we understand how to help you successfully navigate the complex healthcare system, talk with your healthcare professionals, and negotiate with insurance companies so you can concentrate on getting well. We also offer group classes to help you learn about this complex topic and determine what areas you need assistance with.

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Read about how we started.

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