Who We Help

We help seniors, those disabled, and anyone trying to assist them—access, understand and navigate the healthcare system. We help families, individuals, healthcare professionals and others who may be involved in the care of our patient clients, especially when they are ill, frightened and vulnerable.

  • Out of town family who need help managing care for an aging parent.
  • Patients who need help navigating the complex healthcare system.
  • Patients undergoing treatment who are ill, overwhelmed and vulnerable and need help with the details.
  • Patients who need help finding a specialist, getting a second opinion or researching treatment options.
  • Patients recovering from recent hospitalization who need short-term care options while they recover.
  • Patients and family who need help researching housing options for the right kind of care and services.
  • Patients with complex and serious medical diagnoses.
  • Businesses and professionals who provide services to seniors who want to offer our services to their retiring employees or trustees
  • Pharmacists who need help navigating complex prescription coverage challenges
  • Healthcare Professionals who need help with new to Medicare transitions, prescription medication access and coverage problems, health crisis management, insurance coverage, and benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and more.
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