How we help you:

As licensed insurance consultants, we are a resource for all prescription drug insurance including Medicare Part D, employer group and individual, Medicaid and Veterans Administration coverage. We help by:

  • Taking the time to help your patients address prescription coverage, cost and all other insurance coverage issues
  • Finding answers to help patients resolve Medicare Part D co-pay increases due to the “coverage gap” or formulary changes
  • Managing prescription formulary overrides and coverage denials
  • Finding alternative ways to lower costs through patient or financial assistance
  • Obtaining medications through the Wyoming Donation Program for patients in need
  • Working directly with healthcare providers and insurance companies, saving you precious time
  • Annual open enrollment assistance to ensure the correct prescription drug plan is chosen based on the patient’s medications and coverage

We help your clients:

  • Understand co-pay increases/decreases
  • Understand notification of changes in medication coverage
  • Appeal coverage restrictions
  • Investigate less expensive, covered alternatives
  • Research financial help available
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